About JCoach

JCoach International is a life coaching practice founded on the belief that in each of us lies the inner strength and the will to live life purposefully and reap the abundance of a joyful life.  While many desire to live their life on purpose, sometimes life itself happens and throws us off course.  Life’s matters can be daunting at times and difficult to navigate creating mental blocks that pull us away from the very thing we desire.  It’s in these times that we need to reach out for assistance to get back on our journey to live the life we desire.

JCoach is dedicated to transforming lives and organizations using a high touch,  personalized model of one-on-one and group coaching dynamics to inspire, engage and empower individuals to discover the purpose for their life so they live the life they desire, with the health  and success they aspire.  We work with businesses and business owners who desire to take their business to a different level of success and want to invest in the people that make up their organizations so they perform at their best.

JCoach serves individual clients as well as partners with organizations that desire to cultivate and develop their existing talent pool, increase the capacity of its leadership team, improve performance, or take its business to another level.

JCoach – where you empower your possibilities and unleash your internal energies necessary to thrive.

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About Jena Bell, Founder / CEO

Jena is passionate about helping others live healthier and more fulfilling lives.  As a former healthcare executive, she worked to improve the overall wellbeing of customers initiating services that empowered consumers and encouraged them to take an active role in their health.  It’s this experience that drives her passion to expand her reach to communities beyond the limitations of a single organization, understanding that a person’s ability to manage their health is impacted by their ability to manage day-to-day life issues.  When “life” happens,  whether it’s changes in a career, family, divorce, life transitions, relationships, or trying to juggle career and family, it can either propel us forward or create a vacuum where we are left standing still, in a “rut,” even in the face of medical issues.   Standing still can be paralyzing when you are unable to find the right path for you and you simply feel stuck. As a life coach, Jena is  dedicated to helping you find your pathway and journey to your best self.  Discovering obstacles holding you back and leaving you unfulfilled, can liberate and free you to begin to focus on solutions that are right for you to move forward.

As a business executive with 30 years of corporate experience advising and representing clients on diverse issues,  Jena has achieved consistently, successful business results.  She has successfully coached and developed high performing teams to achieve extraordinary results. Her unique personal style enables her to develop a strong rapport with you, understand your uniqueness,  and more importantly, focus on your needs. She works to Inspire, Engage and Empower the possibilities that await you so you achieve your best efforts along your journey to the Best of You.  She has served as a mentor and coach to professional colleagues and associates for over 20 years.  As a motivational speaker, her charisma and authentic style are captivating and inspiring.

Jena’s Professional Background

She was the first female and African American to lead a $29 billion, national health plan in its 50+years of operations. Under her leadership, she transformed business processes, digitalized the member experience, created business performance scorecards, and led the design and execution of multi-year strategies achieving exceptional business results. She is a visionary and strategist with well-developed business acumen, keen insights, and a leader of innovation. Areas of business specialty include strategy development and integration, business execution, consumer experience, business performance, health plan operations, regulatory compliance, financial management, and business process improvements.