Jena’s Story

I am so excited to work with individuals just like you.  My business emerged out of my passion to help others succeed in both their personal and professional lives by embracing change – it affects us all at some point in life.  Change is the one thing that is constant.  Change happens.  Life happens.  Circumstances happen.  Sometimes we are ready and we tackle life’s changes full speed ahead without missing a step;  other times,  we are completely knocked off course.  It can happen and often does when we least expect.  Sometimes, it’s been heading our way and we were too busy to see it coming.  Like a storm in the night,  unexpectedly, everything changes.   WOW, what in the world!

Well, I want to share with you my personal story, because it happened to me!  Yes, it did and  I was knocked down, but happy to say not knocked out!  But it was a triple blow!

My entire life underwent a complete change.  I was in a marriage that no  longer worked. The job I loved was turning upside down.  My family was crumbling.   While I was healthy,  my stress level climbed to such levels I began experiencing  pain all over my body and my weight started to climb.  Despite looking like I had it all, I was miserable inside.  As I looked at my life, I saw pain.  My attempts to hide the emptiness I felt, turned to isolation.   I began to build walls all around me, as a protective mask from the guilt that soon turned to shame.  Why did I feel this way? What happened? What did I do? All questions I grappled with as I struggled to find answers.   Well, as time went on,  my marriage ended and one week later my job ended.  Perfect timing right? In the span of one week, 24-year and 27-year relationships ended.  I knew at that point, God was telling me it was time for a real change.   I had  a calling on my life that was far greater than anything I had imagined.  I had to make a decision to stay stuck in the pain, or answer the call.  Now, forced to deal with everything that I had lost, marriage, job, and safety net, I had to regroup.  It took months – but months that I needed to re-examine my life and decide what I needed to REBOOT.  REDISCOVER. RECHARGE. There were certainly days that I didn’t want to face.      Slowly, I managed through those days.  I took control of my life and owned my situation – the good, the bad, the ugly.  It was painful at times, but I had to face every part of it and own it.  I could have blamed others, but that would have only stalled my REBOOT.  Through my journey back, I learned valuable lessons that have enabled me to SOARR since then. My most valuable lesson, You Can Still Soar No Matter What. Your Circumstances Do Not Define Your Destination, When God Has Appointed Your Destiny.  As a Purpose Driven Woman, You can stand firmly in who you are.   As an Entrepreneur, Global Award Winning Author, International Speaker, I stand as an Empowerment Visionary reaching audiences globally, changing lives – after the setbacks. A SETBACK IS A POWERFUL FORCE TO RISE UP IN PURPOSE.

Today, I travel globally helping women soar after setbacks and create their economic blueprint to a life of abundance and success. Thousands of women have now risen from the depths of past disappointments and unmet expectations to claim victory, with greater success and profitable results.   I want you to know that you can too.   You can achieve unspeakable joy and abundance like never before.

If you find yourself suffering from the pain of disappointments, unmet expectations, broken relationships, job loss or career change, it’s time to make a change. Time to take action. Don’t let another day or year go by not living an abundant life. 



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It’s your time! It’s your season! Don’t block your abundance!