Pathways to Abundance

About Pathways to Abundance

We believe that every woman has a purpose, a calling over her life.  She is equipped with spiritual gifts and talents that when aligned with purpose, creates an undeniable power that must be unleashed.  She must discover her path and create the pathway to reach her destiny. At Pathways to Abundance, we work with you discover your path, create a pathway and stay on your pathway.  We help you discover businesses, career choices and possibilities that create greater opportunities for you. We believe when you function in the fullest intention and expression of who you are intended to be, you not only generate the revenue that follows your service,  but you achieve fulfillment and abundance in you life as you learn and practice self care, rejuvenation, restoration, and maintain harmony in other aspects of your life including relationships, health, wealth, family, community, and spiritual alignment.

Our Belief

As women, we have the ability to achieve all that we choose.  We all have a purpose and a calling over our life.  God has equipped each of us with gifts, talents and vision for how we can achieve destiny to stand in the fullness of who He has created each of us to be, to stand in His name as we function in the fullness of our purpose.

Our Purpose

To change the game for those willing to get in the game.

Our Success

We cause others to rise in purpose to the fullest intent of their possibilities.  We cause others to embrace their destiny. We cause others to see the power within them,  discover their gifts, talents and align them with their purpose, to then recognize the emergence of the power they create, and to unleash that inner power to make a difference in the world. To be the creator of that which our Creator has created us to be.


I am excited to announce the Purpose on the Rise '19 Conference.

Join us for a women's economic empowerment conference like no other, f for 2 days, kicking off  on August 3, 2019 through August 25, 2019!   You have the option of 4 cities, 4 weekends. We are Purpose Driven Women collaborating, networking, learning, sharing, building and launching new ideas for new possibilities, dreams, visions, partnerships, and new opportunities. Purchase your ticket today.

Are you ready to ignite the fire within? Are you ready to stand up and be counted? Are you ready to get up, stand up, and rise in the fullness of your purpose?

To every woman, I want you to know,  YOU ARE PURPOSED FOR THIS!  This is your time, this is your moment. Your Season Has Arrived!

I am calling all women to be here, to stand with me, to rise with me and forge ahead to create the difference in the world you were created to make. Rise Up and Embrace the Woman Who God Has Created You To Be. Stand up as the new, bodacious, PURPOSE DRIVEN WOMAN.

No more standing on the sidelines, no more muting your brilliance, no more playing second, no more accepting less, no more waiting to be recognized or confirmed! No more hiding behind fear.  Declare today. Declare right now, you do not need to be confirmed, you already have been affirmed by God Almighty and you will now walk, stand, rise , in the fullness of the woman He has created you to be.

Rise up and let your voices be heard.  Rise up and let your gifts be magnified. Rise up and let your talents shine. Rise up and let your radiance bless others!

That’s right ladies, this is your moment in your season to bloom in the season of your harvest.

You have planted the seeds of greatness, planted the seeds of abundance, planted the seeds of success, and now it’s your harvest.

Come and celebrate the purpose in you that has been waiting to ignite. Come let the purpose in you be magnified by the light of other like minded, phenomenal purpose driven women who are making an impact in the world. If you want to make an impact or want to increase your influence to create a greater impact, this conference is for you.  The is not just a conference, its an experience. An unforgettable experience where you will network with like minded women, celebrate the magic of purpose driven entrepreneurs, learn new strategies and techniques to accelerate your  own success, gain access to information  along 3 learning tracks : 1) Mindset Mastery - Master the mind to manifest your success; 2) Health and Wellness - Your Health is your Wealth; and 3) Business and Entrepreneurship - Starting and Growing a purpose driven business .  These tracks are designed to propel your life, your career and business forward on a path to greater abundance. You will laugh, cry, shout,  pray, celebrate, and engage all while feeding your minds, nurturing your souls and uplifting your spirit  with gratitude as new possibilities emerge.

Ladies, it’s your season.  It’s your time. Be here in South Africa.  Don’t miss the date because you will not want to be late. Your time has arrived, and it’s time to Rise. It’s time for Purpose on the Rise. YOU ARE PURPOSED FOR THIS!   ( For inquiries contact: